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Ministry has not changed, but how we engage our various assignments to reach more people has improved, and will keep evolving. While many are stuck with trying to do it on their own, we have created a tested and trusted framework that helps you create a working structure and system for the work God has called you to do through our Start and Grow Your Ministry course.

Learn how to be more effective, maximize digital communications and demystify media technology in this era.

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Identity & Self Care

I want to connect with my true identity so I can do more for the Kingdom

Visioning & Clarity

I want to understand my assignment and see proofs of the work I do without compromising my identity, home and work

Leadership & Growth

I need a tool that empowers me with the insights for strategies needed to connect with my congregation, serve them and grow my ministry

Start Increasing Your Influence

Adesewa's Amplifyy Podcast

If you are a Kingdom Influencer, Business Executive and Creative Visionary, this podcast helps you to step up to your higher self, understand your uniqueness and celebrate your voice and sound to do significant work as God expects you to.

Through the AMPLIFYY PODCAST, you’ll learn something that will not just make your voice heard, but will position you for significance.

The Blog

Do you need to record more positive results in your ministry? I believe your answer is yes. I have however found that most times, we don’t get the kind of results we envisage or visualise because we are not willing to take innovative steps, decisions or engage its processes.

In my blog, I share tips, technology and truths about the digital era and how your ministry can communicate its effectiveness through innovation. It is 100% FREE.

Empowered To Do Hard Things

The success of any new assignment or season in God is determined by how we steward the announcement of the assignment in the stillness of soul, and positioning of prayers.

This is your invitation to get into the journey of possibilities on your unique assignment. it might be hard, but it is possible and can make you prosperous.

Hello, I am

Adesewa Greg-Ighodaro

We started Corporate Church Communication to help Churches, Ministies, Faith-Based Ventures and Kingdom Entrepreneurs maximise their influence and impact in an ever evolving world.

Corporate Church is a socio-kingdom enterprise and community that provides visibility and marketing solutions for Churches, Ministries, faith-based organizations and non-profits. We have featured on International platforms as a brand empowering women to step up to their calling regardless of what they do or where they may be in their lives.

With 10 years industry engagement in Project Management/Administration, Content creation/marketing, Business Administration and Broadcast Media, we are set to help our clients leverage principles , practices and platforms available to rise to the influence of institutionalisation.

We have consistently provided pathways for influence and income to our clients in the time that we launched and hope to do same for you by creating a sustainable structure. 


We Train, We Coach and We Deliver.

You Are Priority

I look forward to sharing with you the principles for influence, impact and income you'll need to thrive as a Minister and Visionary using digital technology for the gospel.

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