I am a Communications Consultant by calling and by profession.


Founder of Corporate Church, Africa’s first socio-kingdom enterprise and community that provides visibility solution for Churches, Ministries, faith-based organizations and non-profits.


Founder, MAG Network For Believers, a digital hub that provides mentoring, curriculum and a community for Christians to achieve proofs and productivity in their everyday life.


I have over 10 years industry engagement in Project Management/Administration, Content creation/marketing, Business Administration and Broadcast Media.


And I am A Certified People and Resource Management Professional


In 2019, I started and focused on teaching about one thing from the Christian experience as instructed by the Holy Spirit. The plan was to hold that session for only 3 weeks, but it happened that my inner circle did not want our sessions to end. In 6 months we had grown from 23 people to 100 people.


With a consistent schedule of hosting meetings everyday at noon, we have participants from more than 5 countries within Africa, America and Europe. How did we do it? How do we manage coordinating all these people everyday? How can I still do many other things as this group still runs? By creating a sustainable structure. Which is what the Corporate Church is all about.


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