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Ministry has not changed, but how we engage our various
assignments to reach more people has improved, and will keep evolving.

What's Your Immediate Need?

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Identity & Self Care

I want to connect with my true identity so I can do more for the Kingdom

Visioning & Clarity

I want to understand my assignment and see proofs of the work I do without compromising my identity, home and work

Leadership & Growth

I need a tool that empowers me with the insights for strategies needed to connect with my congregation, serve them and grow my ministry

Empowered To Do Hard Things

The success of any new assignment or season in God is determined by how we steward the announcement of the assignment in the stillness of soul, and positioning of prayers.

This is your invitation to get into the journey of possibilities on your unique assignment. it might be hard, but it is possible and can make you prosperous.



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You Are Priority

I look forward to sharing with you the principles for influence, impact and income you’ll need to thrive as a Minister and Visionary using digital technology for the gospel.