Your Executive Calling


Being a Visionary Leader, Founder or CEO is not just a role you qualify for, it is a door into the life of abundance God has called you to but first, you have to know how to access it.

"Adesewa was God's mouthpiece at a time of confusion, and uncertainty, her lessons were hands-on, practical and relatable and she was specific enough to proffer recommendations to individual businesses. "
Amy Afebuame
Creative Director, Aimees Library & Recreational Centre


The Executive Calling program is an intensive teaching and mentorship program that activates you as a leading leader into the understanding of your premium brand in order to attract your next level income and influence. What you desire can be attracted by the quality of your thought, vision and truth, you just need to learn how.

What to expect

The Purpose of Business

It is great to want to inspire and motivate, but the purpose of any business is profit based on investment. Every business serves two major ends - the high end and the middle/low end. We often focus on one end but as an executive, your focus should be on both.

Leadership According to Design

Whether you are called to own a business or to lead in an organization, leadership at its best is influence for impact and income. Your leadership make-up for the decade is not all fancy and fair. You are set to learn the kind of leadership and influence required to lead effectively and influence efficiently as designed by God.

Profiting in Difficult seasons

Every leader will go through a difficult season in their journey. It is part of the marks of a true leader. This program will show you 6 cardinal classes of difficulty every leader will go through and how you can walk through this season and come out productive and powerful.

Stewardship & Service

Everyone who is called to lead in any organization will have to serve 3 categories of people; Employees, Investors and Clients. It is important to know what this service is intended to produce in order for you to step up and step out as the one equipped to deliver by design. You are not just a boss - you have a unique assignment.

Sustenance & Financial Stewardship

This is integral to every business as there will be nothing left to be called a business where sustenance and financial stewardship is not learnt. Here, you will learn principles for business continuity and financial stewardship for a profitable and sustainable business venture beyond income and expenses balance sheet. Your business is a garden and how that garden flourishes and produces fruits is dependent on the person tending to it and what conditions to enhance growth has been put in place.

Your Calling, Identity and Role in Africa

There is a reason God is calling you and leading you to own or lead the affairs of an organization. It may not have anything to do with who you think you are but who He has called you to be. You will learn about the call to be an executive, why your leading is pivotal to your influence and how you should respond to the call for global relevance.

We Created This Program For You If:


You know God is calling you to own a business. You are excited about it but you know you need to get the right framework to run the business and to lead the people He will send your way.


God has specially provided and promoted you in leadership. If you were to go by the JD, you might do well. However, you want spiritual empowerment by divine design and you want to find out your calling as a leader.


You recognise that your business is a ministry and you want to run it efficiently so that God can reach the world through it.


You have a team of people you coordinate and you feel that there’s more you can deliver to them if only you could tap deeper into your innate leadership resources.


You do not just want to be called a CEO or Founder, you are consistently mindful of how you choose to operate the business and now, you believe that there is more and it is time to tap into it to serve people better.


You are scared about failing in the business and you want to take another shot but this time, to learn how to do it God’s way.


You desire to know how your business contributes to the divine agenda of God for Africa and how you can position yourself in your industry as an influential voice. 


You are faced with difficult situations and you want to ensure you make the best decision as a leader without compromising your faith.


After this 8 Module Intensive Activation, You Will:

  1. Become energised to take on your executive role much more than you thought you ever could.
  2. Receive the blueprint for multiplying productivity and financial flow for your organisation in this decade.
  3. Ditch the impostor syndrome and see how you fit into God’s plan for enriching Africa through businesses and organizations in this decade.
  4. Understand your call to business and how you can align/achieve significant goals. 
  5. Maximise and multiply your influence as a leader within the organization God has called you to through your internal and external clients.
  6. Download your divine blueprint for becoming the ideal executive every organization desperately needs to achieve exponential success within the shortest possible time.
  7. See how your organization is a ministry and how you can tend your own piece of the earth while accessing the economy of Heaven. 
  8. Get clarity on your call as a leader in your business field and live purposefully going forward.

What more, you will learn about:

How you can build and tend your executive presence even if you are known for many other things.


Leading in your authentic style and increasing your ability to influence others.


The Theology of work. How God sees work and expects you to do your work.


Your special effect as a business executive and how you should and can contribute to Africa’s growing economy.


What people say?

Business Breakthrough gave me a renewed perspective about doing business God’s way. Adesewa broke down deep spiritual business insights from the scriptures and made them applicable to real-life business situations. I would never look at my business the same way. ​
Bisoye Adedayo​
Chandler & CE, Anike TLC
Learning with Adesewa under the Business Breakthrough has been a truly insightful experience. Adesewa puts a lot of thought into her teaching and it is clear that she has a God given mandate to impart knowledge. Everytime I replay any of our previous classes, I find something new to learn. Her teaching has helped to kill the Fear which I constantly battle with and has helped build my faith in my kingdom assignment as a Builder. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to learn under Adesewa Greg Ighodaro.
Gloria Ijenebe
Founder, Ewa Leather
These past few months brought with it lots of uncertainties and there came a time, amidst so much exhaustion, that we had to go back to the drawing board to restrategize and reiterate the blueprint we should be operating under as a business. It was so easy to forget consecration and spirituality in business and this was what meeting with Adesewa at the Business Breakthrough meetings did. She was God's mouthpiece at a time of confusion, and uncertainty, her lessons were hands-on, practical and relatable and she was specific enough to proffer recommendations to individual businesses. She is passionate about thriving in Kingdom Business, and because of her, I'm inspired to operate my business the kingdom way, no matter the pressing realities.
Amy Afebuame
Creative Director, Aimees Library & Recreational Centre

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Learning with Adesewa has positioned me for a transformational personal and career journey. She combines practical teaching with robust course content and simplicity in a manner that is guaranteed to birth clarity and speed for execution. Her teaching model is relatable and efficient.
Funke Bolodeoku
Image Consultant & Legal Practitioner