It may be Hard,
but it is POSSIBLE

Are you in a season in your life where you think God is giving you yet another hard assignment? I mean, how do you always get the one that seems a bit more uncomfortable?

Jesus’s ministry on the earth was done. He had gone to the cross and risen from the dead. Then He revealed Himself to His disciples and taught them again for 40 days. On one of those days, He gave them the ultimate instruction that would change the trajectory of their lives after He was finally gone from them.

Although the Apostles had walked with Jesus for 3 years mostly, the guess is, why couldn’t they just get into doing greater works as Jesus said was possible to those who believed in Him? They had seen blind eyes open, the lame man had walked again, and the one who was possessed had been delivered. They had seen all manner of miracles but for them to operate powerfully, they could not function in power by proxy.

This was key for me because even when we think God has given us a promise, a new idea, a new concept, the next big project and whatnot, we may never be ever to function maximally without getting endowed with the same Spirit that walked with Him.

It, therefore, meant to me that the success of any new assignment or season in God is determined by how we steward the announcement of the assignment in the stillness of soul, and positioning of prayers.

An Influence & Prayer Guide For Visionaries, Mountain Influencers and Culture Creators.


Adesewa Greg-Ighodaro is a Communications Consultant by calling and by profession.

As a proven communication consultant, she always seeks to provide valuable, intelligent and efficient communication elements that grow individual brands and corporate organizations. It is to this end that she started Corporate Church, a media marketing consulting enterprise that helps Churches, Ministries, Faith-based organizations and Kingdom Entrepreneurs identify their visionary message, make their voice heard and give structure to their unique calling for legacy influence.

Adesewa is a people and platform builder. Most of her work is purposed towards creating opportunities for believers to build their brands, influence and impact their world strategically.

She is the Founder, MAG HUB, a nonprofit digital multimedia company that curates resources to help believers activate proofs as well as to begin to produce fruits of their walk in God through purposeful and meaningful living. Adesewa has an extraordinary gift to break down barriers and challenge people to dig deep to identify their passion and empower them to achieve their God-given potential.

She is a Speaker & has authored more than 5 books, including The Mantle of Esther, ALTERED amongst others

Dear Leader,

This is your invitation
to get on the
POSSIBILITY journey with God!