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This course is for Ministry Leaders, Christian Business Executives & Christian Creatives who are ready to work from their highest self. They are ready to discern, discover and deploy their hidden and aside potential to establish the Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven, using power principles embedded in their Creator DNA.

God is setting you up to begin to determine how industry system works as it was intended from the begining. Your fashion brand has its place in the establishment of Kingdom on earth. Your food or fitness brand is also not left out. It is time to see how your life's message was designed to deliver the kind of solution the earth needs in this evolving times.

In your hands lie the solution the world needs,and I have been SENT to show you how to mine these solutions that will accelerate your greater influence and income. This is why the CREATORS' CATALYST COURSE is for you.


Why Creator Catalyst Coaching?

Get access to mind shifting and transforming modules to increase your creator quotient and step into an abundance reality.

Fast track your processes and journey within the creator economy. Align with what is useful and necessary for your personal creator journey and apply it to see immediate results.

Learn about God's provision for viral content that extends your reach, influence and income as the creator He made you.

This is for you if:

- You know God is calling you to do more but you need a guided hand to hold you through the manifestation of this miracle work you've been assigned to.

- You are looking to launch the higher version of yourself but need some level of accountability, motivation and prophetic inspiraton to do it.

- You've had to keep pending some thing you know God has been requiring of you for the next generation and now you are ready to do it as long as you are under a close connect of masterminds and lovers of God

- You want to move from potential to productive and you are ready to do the work

- You don't just want to keep working , you want to have proofs of productivity for your calling

- You want to step into higher influence by reaching those you have been sent to more strategically

- You want to create your digital footprints and become a voice to be reckoned with within your sphere of influence

- You struggle with obeying instructions but are ready to align and appreciate what you have been called to do.

- You have a good following on social media but you want to step up from just serving them content to nurturing them through community building.


The Creators Catalyst Coaching Program 2022 was a buffet for me. There was so much to feast on (thanks to our very resourceful Coach Adesewa) and I felt like I couldn't consume it all because 1 year seemed so short. The live classes were always full of wisdom for me, there was always something to learn and to spur me on especially on days when I felt discouraged. I'm happy I joined this program because it made me accountable to hold my first physical retreat and also to write the book I planned to write this year. I'm grateful for this kind of community and I'd love to be a part of this many times again.

Coach Jossy

LoveLife with Jossy

Creator Catalyst, was an energiser, nudging my subconscious subtly. It reminded me that the work deployed into my hands was to be excuted, and finely as such.

Consequently, it left me feeling uncomfortable at my level, knowing that God required more effort from me.

IDU Oruamabo Agorua

Behavioural Communication Professional

Chijioke Nwogu

The Creators Catalyst Coaching Program 2022 was an amazing program. Just as the name implies, it's a program that awakens, harnesses and empowers the creative ability in an individual.

Some of the awesome courses in the Creative Catalyst Program Curriculum, that resonated with me amidst others are; Unique Code of Consecration, The Intelligence of God, The Prosperity of the Soul, Creators Ecosystem, Creators Dominion and The Power of your Voice.

Signing up for Creators Catalyst Program 2023, would be one of the most important decisions you can make for Year 2023, because it would be an opportunity to invest in your personal development.

Personally, the Creators Catalyst Program 2022, enabled me to harness my writing ability and fuelled my passion, to achieve my goal of launching two of my books, which I ultimately achieved in April 2022.

Knowledge is Power! The Creators Catalyst Community is a learning community that empowers you to fulfill your goals.


The creator's catalyst program has been a life and mind transforming experience. It equips you for market place, ministry and all areas with opportunities to innovate..

I have been marvelously helped in my career through this program.

enuma ezeife

Enuma Ezeife