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Are you
Anointed but frustrated?
Gifted but with no significant achievements?
Working but without proofs of productivity?
A Leader but without consistent results?
Carrying a number of promises over your life but struggling through life's inconsistencies?

Do you feel a call for more on your spirit and in your life?

Confront the Status of being less than.
You can win in life. And the time is now!

It's Time To Stand In Your Future
You Were Made For The Full Life

To Consider & Incubate God's Presence In Real-Time For The Days Coming

To Be equipped & Empowered To Take Territories As A Global Voice & Functionary

To Expand Your Mind, Capacity and Abilities To Enable You Reach The Places God Has Mapped For Your Destiny

to ascend in revelation and light so you can access All God Has provided for you to Win in life, at home and with the work you have been given

This Program is for you If...

╰┈➤ You Are Transitioning Into A New Season In Life

╰┈➤ You are a Business Leader who is seeking more results in your work

╰┈➤ A Creative who wants to go from just being A sensation to being Significant

╰┈➤ You Desire To Know What God Has For You In The Next Season Of Your Life & Destiny

╰┈➤ You Are In Your 20s, 30s and 40s And You Feel That You Are Yet To Live Your Best Life

╰┈➤ You Know There Is More Before You But You Need A Safe Community And You Need To Put The Right System & Structure In Place

He trains my hands for battle; he strengthens my arm to draw a bronze bow - Psalms 18:34 ... ✍

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The Warrior's School

12 Weeks

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Hello, I'm excited you landed on this page and on this section because it means there's something that interests you about joining The Warrior School.

More than 10 years ago, I began my journey learning about the person of the Holy Spirit and that became the beginning of my life's transformation. For many days, weeks and months I cried to hear God speak to me after I dedicated my life to Him. It was on this journey that the Lord began to speak to me about my intercessory gift and calling. Since then, the Lord has taken me through a process of intercession and intervention, and how it is important in the days of the establishment of His Kingdom.

By calling and by profession, I am a communications professional and I have experienced the explosive power of the intersection of intervention and intercession. Since 2019, I have actively functionedin these roles and the Lord has commanded results through these functions.

The Lord is enlisting many into His army in these days and I am SENT to you so your life can also begin to command NEXT LEVEL results on earth as you walk with Him. It is time for you to stand in the future God already has designed for you. It is time to step into your Kingship and Priesthood roles as an entrusted functionary of God's Kingdom. God has already designed your life, and it is a life of abundance.

Join me inside The Warrior's School to unlock God's favour and fervor on your life. I can't wait to see you inside!

Did you know?

Your life's assignment is first Intercessory before It is An Intervention. It Is Time to Close That Gap. Your Life is Bigger Than You Think It Is.

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