25 Questions To Prove Your Church’s Digital Strength

When we ask Pastors and Ministry Leaders if they have a digitally savvy and strong system of operation, the answer is usually yes. However, asking questions in the 5 major areas that tell the strength of their digital operations, will tell us where they are at.

Here are 5 areas you should measure the digital strength of your Church without us asking. These 5 areas have questions you are expected to answer. They are simple questions about how your church currently uses or has integrated the use of technology in its operations. If sincerely responded to, your answers to the questions can reveal to you areas you need to improve on to level up your Church technology usage.


  • What methods do you use for church communications? Within these options are Email newsletters, Sunday Bulletins, Social Media, Group Chats, Text Messaging etc
  • Do you have a strategy for when/how to use these differing communication channels?
  • Who is primarily responsible for creating and sending out communications? Is it the Pastors, Communications Director, Admin Executive, Ministry Directors or other staff?
  • How effective would you rate your communications?


How your congregation within and outside the four walls of your Church tells us how you are doing as a ministry digitally.

What giving options does your Church engage? Is it a combination of Offering, Tithes, Donations, Seeds, and Partnerships? Or Is it one or two of the aforementioned?

Secondly, How do people give to your church? What payment methods do you accept for donations? Do have options for digital money, cash, check or credit/debit cards?

Other questions under these are:

  • What giving options are available for online donors?
  • Do you use Payment or donation management software solutions?
  • How do you compile and send your end-of-year giving statements primarily


  • What primary tool does your church use to organize/manage congregants’ or members’ contact information, membership, and participation? Paper, Spreadsheets or Management software?
  • How many ministry-specific software platforms does your church regularly use to manage congregants/members’ details?
  • Are your different platforms integrated?
  • How do church staff leaders access information about congregants/members?
  • How would you characterize your church’s reporting tools for church staff leadership?


  • How does your Church call for volunteers?
  • How do volunteers apply to become a part of the workforce?
  • What tools does your church use to manage volunteers?
  • What features or capabilities do volunteers have for managing their schedules?
  • What features do your leaders have for managing their volunteer teams? 
  • How do church leaders typically see who is serving?


  • What type of attendance does your church track?
  • How does your church collect new visitor information?
  • What does your church do with the new visitor information?
  • How does your church share spiritual content with your congregation?
  • What options does your church offer for online attendees to join services?