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learn how to build a strong online presence

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use social media and other digital tools to build and connect with your community

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It does not matter how much you know about technology.
As long as you have a smartphone or laptop and access to the internet, this course is for you.

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If you will fulfill the dominion mandate, and take on the great commission better and much more effectively, you have to maximize digital communications and media technology in this era.

What People Who Took The Course Are Saying...

Every other online course either teaches you technology you don't understand or business principles you may not be adapt to ministry peculiarities.

This course helps you to understand the digital space in its simple form and helps you navigate your way through using it.

When you get the course,
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Digital platforms analysis tools that help you know which platform you should focus on as a ministry so that you can save more time and energy while being more productive

How to get more visibility for your specific assignment and calling in the online space.

How to identify your specific audience online because you are not sent to everyone.

How to increase your audience by 100% with easy and proven methods.

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