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4 Simple Ways To Reach More People

Don’t stop talking about what you have been called to do, even when you feel like you have done so much and you have so much following.

Over the past few months, I’ve been in talks with a community of people – different ministry communities. And on several occasions, I have been privileged to make some personality recommendations.

On some of those recommendations, here’s what I found…

  • Not everyone knows you
  • Not everyone will know you
  • More people need you than you can reckon
  • Build with legacy in mind

Not everyone knows you

Even though you are doing great work and have put in so much to build to the level where you are now, the painful truth is that some people still don’t know you. You might have so much traction and more people follow you every day, but guess what, some people who need what you have been called to do still haven’t figured you out. You might have spent some money on Adverts and publicity, yet the reality is, some haven’t found you yet. This means that although you might have what they need, and might have made some huge investments, you need to keep showing up.

Not everyone will know you

Even if I say keep showing up, be consistent, reintroduce your brand and create a strong visual identity, keep talking and keep growing, some people will still not discover you…

But that’s not an excuse to rest on your oars.

More People Need You

There are more people who need you and what you’ve been called to do than you can ever imagine. While you cannot individually reach or connect with them, you can create a social structure that enables you to touch base with people and this begins with having a strategic process that establishes your digital footprint.

The Solution – Build with Legacy in mind

Not everyone connected with Jesus while He was on Earth. Not everyone showed up to His teachings in the different cities He went but here’s what Jesus did:

He knew the work was beyond Him so He ensured to pass/engrave the mission through legacy teaching – privately with His disciples and publicly with crowds.

Not everyone will know you in your lifetime, but you can live your life fully so much so that after you are gone, even more people are blessed to discover your work.

  • Do the work now while it is day
  • Be genuinely interested in building people
  • Intentionally establish your digital footprints

Be the one who lives an inheritance for his children and children’s children.

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