Global Church Summit

Why Your Church Needs To Embrace Innovation Quickly

Do you need to record more ‘positive results in your ministry? I believe your answer is yes. No one wants to or is happy to not produce as many results as they believe is possible with the work they do.

I have however found that most times, we don’t get the kind of results we envisage or visualise because we are not willing to take innovative steps, decisions or engage its processes.

But look at some of the innovative technology you currently engage:

  • Books – Revolutionary innovation that started with clay tablets (c. 2500 B.C.).
  • Print materials invented in 1440 A.D.
  • Speaker System – invented in 1925 A.D.
  • Email – invented in 1970 A.D.
  • Social media – 2005 A.D.

There is more technology in our face today and more being invented with each passing moment. It’s all in the news.

What does this mean for the Church?

It means innovation and technology are here to stay.

So, instead of resisting it, it’s time we stepped up to the demands of the times and improve our processes so we can be and stay relevant for Kingdom in these times.

This is why I am so excited about the Global Church Summit coming up August 11, 2023.

This year’s summit is in-person and virtual. The in-person registration will open NEXT MONDAY – May 1st 2023 and we’ll be announcing how to register to attend the virtual session after.

If your burning desire is to stay ahead of the curve and get the results available to you regardless of how many more technologies you should engage, this is the summit for you.

Once registration opens, you’ll get all the details.

Get ready pastors, ministry leaders and business leaders because this is a summit for you and your team/group or community leaders as well.