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Vacancy! Creators Needed

I believe that we are in an era, a time, a season, a defining moment where God is looking for people who are willing and obedient to step out of the mundane and into a reflection of Him that seems superficial but is 100% His Image.

I believe that the world is in dire need of solutions to real economic, structural, scientific, financial problems. And these problems have walking solutions on the earth.

I’m saying, like in Genesis 1 when the earth was formless and void, lacking everything we now see and enjoy the world system has hit the rocks, maybe not yet obviously formless but on a daily basis, we see formless systems, void thinking, inhumane responses to one another and this reveals to us the need for creators to arise.

Now, because we are in a digital or knowledge age, the word or office of a creator has been limited or streamlined to mean designs, content creation, posting captions, creating videos etc, the truth is the concept of creation as it was in the beginning is beyond sitting in front of an easel stand and pen, painting something. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that but the crux of creation is providing solutions to real world problems depending on your industry. It is about big picture thinking and big picture reality. It is seeing into a future that already exists in God and causing that future to come into reality, thereby making the world a more conducive and productive realm to live in.

The search for creators did not begin with our generation. Every time a crisis occured throughout scripture, God called out creators and we see them birth things that had never been executed by their generations before. While I can give you a list of names, one story intrigues me the most as it relates to the call to create or Co create with God to establish His kingdom on earth and our typical as well as expected response as humans.

In this episode, I want to tell-show you the reality of our call to create, the enemy we must wage war against, the question we might need answers to and our ultimate response to deliver on destiny.

  • The call to create is an announcement of the anointing of favour on your life
  • You will feel afraid but you are not to yield to fear
  • Your weapon for creating is joy. Intentionally configure your environment with it. It must come from the inside out
  • Bask in the reality of God’s love for you ‘cause you’ll feel not enough many times
  • Creating is a gift. A wonderful gift. It is a capacity, a special aptitude, ability, talent and power you are endowed with. Don’t waste it on what you fear
  • You can’t create outside of the realms of spiritual intelligence to the degree that is expected. It is beyond book brilliance
  • The call to create is a call to walk and birth the impossible

This is your chance to BE, BLOOM & BLOSSOM

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