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The Online Space Is Spiritual In Itself

I was on a 4-Hours strategy session with a faith-based organisation and we were going to implement a particular strategy on a project.

After we were done, this was what I highlighted.

Sometimes we struggle with comprehending why we have to go digital as a ministry not because we don’t have the resources to, but because we don’t know and understand that it is not just another world – It is actually a spiritual one.

Just like we operate in realms of the Spirit, walking by faith and not by sight, we must begin to see the possibilities that are possible within the virtual space as we look to do ministry here. You don’t really understand or approve of it does not mean it is not real. It is as real as the physical world.

Second thing is, just like we sow seeds of prayer and study, and then see the fruits from it, when you consistently plan and structure your ministry online, you will produce proofs. I’m talking about proofs that actually wake people up to their own assignments in God. Don’t get discouraged by doing ministry online. Find ways to build capacity for it.

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