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Newsletter: You Need Money. Stop Acting Like You Don’t

This weekend, I was thinking about money.

I was thinking about how having money can make a lot of difference in the way one does things.

I mean, if you had the amount you are in need of right now, you already know the many things it can solve.

Prayer is good. Consulting is good. Being there for people is commendable. But you see, there are just some things that ONLY having that money can solve.

You can love someone to the point that you can do anything for them, but on some days it will be very painful to realise that the very thing they need – money – you don’t have it to give them.

And it can be very painful.

Have you been in a situation where your family or even your friend does not need any more encouraging words but encouraging words are all you have because you don’t have the money their reality is demanding.


And I say this as honestly and humbly as I can because I have seen this happen many times.

While I thought about these things, I began to wonder, if money is this important to live and even survive through the ranks of life, why do we demonise it so much?

We religiously have answers to certain situations when by every indication, money is the way out.

Money is not ultimate. However, money is the solution to many things.

There are some economic roles you cannot play, not because you don’t have the anointing, but because you have not amassed the economic portfolio to speak on those platforms.

There are certain rooms where your voices need to be heard but you don’t have access to them because you don’t have the money to get into those doors.

Even the Bible has a stance about it: A feast is made for laughter, and wine makes merry, but money answers everything” (Ecclesiastes 10:19)

If you had the kind of money that your ministry and assignment needed, you could overthrow the enemy and his agenda on a harvest scale.

If you had the kind of money that you need to promote your ministry on social media, print books, and host crusades, I tell you the devil is in trouble.

But no, when you think about money, you are very lackadaisical about it and say, “if I need it God will give me.”

Dear Minister, you need it. 

You may not want to pursue money because you should not but the reality is that you need money for everything. You need money to even stay alive – at base.

We need to see that there is so much attack on your money and money mindset that the outcome is that you are not passionate about how to access it. The enemy is happy that we are not making a demand on financial breakthroughs because it aids his wicked agenda. He even makes us so distracted when the money finally comes so you spend it on every other thing except the very thing God provided it for – the Kingdom Agenda.

I’m sending you this today to alert you.

All the money you need to do all that God has called you to do is already provided. You just need to know how to access it.

There are some causes you are very passionate about but cannot promote them because there is no money. This was the beginning of my troubled thoughts as I rested through the weekend.

God doesn’t spend money. He does not need money. But you most certainly do. And He has provided it. 

Stay on your watch for your money. Speak the language that your money understands:

  • Insist on your financial breakthrough because that money is just somewhere doing nothing meaningful literally. Stop thinking, saying and seeing yourself as broke, speak the language of faith and works. Speak to it to come and open your eyes to see what God says will be the funnel for which it will come and be committed to doing the needful.
  • Always Identify God’s purpose for every money He sends to you. When you do this, you outsmart the enemy and can further the work in your hands as God allows.
  • Be a good steward. Don’t be distracted. When you can identify the purpose of every hundred, thousand, million or billion in your hand, it also makes room for more money as you become a faithful steward.

I am wishing you a great week ahead! 

And remember to insist on your money.

It is yours! Na you get am!

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