A few days ago, Mark Zuckerberg announced the transition of their company, Facebook to Metaverse. The purpose of this transition and name change is because the company believes there is more that humans can experience when it comes to connecting with each other. When we started to interact from different places, it began with voice calls and text messages. And then came the rise of smartphones and we transitioned into instant messaging, photos, and now videos. So the development of this new ‘universe’ Facebook is co-creating with other developers and technologists called Meta is set to create an even more realistic connection experience. Meaning, from the comfort of your space, with the use of technologies like hologram, you can be present at your office meetings, board rooms, church services and experience what those present in the room physically are experiencing.

As I watched the visual representation of this evolving technology, I was excited. Excited first at the possibilities that are available if we can just imagine. In the Founder’s letter, Mark said “Ours is a story that started in a dorm room and grew beyond anything we imagined”. As I thought about what this major transition for Mark’s company is, I began to think of how this affects or influences the social presence of Churches and other Faith-based ventures. The biggest question for me was, “How can we leverage this technological transition so the Church can reach more people?” 

Different things began to hit me that were not really about fundamental social technology and how we can position for others. What hit me was more tilted towards a need to develop not to build a community, but to become an institution. That even if Facebook is now Meta and how the internet works is changing, we can only thrive if we are in tune with Kingdom technologies available to us. This blog is not about toning down the reality of the next chapter of internet reality but to help you see that no matter how much we gather knowledge on growing social technology, if the technology of the soul through the supply of the Spirit is broken, there is no way we can reach the world and bring in the harvest available to Kingdom.

What I’m going to do now is to highlight the things that became glaring to me through Facebook’s transition story, how it affects us and what we can do to do better for the Kingdom.

If you are wondering what Meta means, “meta” comes from the Greek word meaning “beyond”. So this social company is building a uniVERSE that proves to us that there is a world of possibilities out there if we can just use the gift of imagination God has given us through our minds.


Since the pandemic, the world hit a reset button and much more than was happening on the outside, the patterns of our thoughts have had to rethink and re-measure ways by which we impact and influence our world. The very first thing here is to begin to SEE what is possible within the sphere God has placed you. The world itself began on a blank canvas. It was dark, void and empty and the Spirit of God hovered over the waters and then came creation. Today, we live in the earth created out of nothing. This universe is a universe that proves to us that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE if you can imagine it. We come from a universe of possibilities, called THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN – where curtains are pulled and templates are revealed. A place where all that is needed from us is surrender and alignment so we can birth destiny – through social connections and communities. 

Anything is possible is not cliche for Kingdom people. It is our reality. It is what we live and breathe. It is how we were created and who we were created to become. If we would sit with The King and ask that our eyes are open to see what is available for us in the different seasons of our lives, we would see that chasing trends and having sleepless nights is not where influence starts. The starting point is to first believe and activate the truth that you can do anything through Christ.

Anything is possible to you as a leader, minister, pastor, kingdom entrepreneur. Any program you imagine as a solution for those whom you’ve been sent to is possible. Any product and design you imagine can bring growth to your organization is possible. In this internet evolution era, you are the biggest determinant of your reality. The onus is therefore on you to stay open minded, believe what God says to you in your alone moment, dream on and dream big and connect with collaborators who can bring these dreams alive for harvest.


According to Mark, Metaverse is still evolving and in fact has not been built yet but will come to life with the collaboration of creators and developers around the world. Mark says organizations, government and individuals will join hands to bring to life a dream he imagines is possible. This thrills me, you know. For something that is still in the works, He has declared the process of its permanence and the people required to build it. 

He said, “The metaverse will not be created by one company. It will be built by creators and developers making new experiences and digital items that are interoperable and unlock a massively larger creative economy than the one constrained by today’s platforms and their policies.”

The key concepts for me in the creation of metaverse are, unique interdependence, the value of creators and developers, dynamics of design, the inexhaustible untapped wealth. All these concepts are geared toward providing community realities for heterogeneous humans.

What does this mean to Kingdom assignments? After downloading fresh templates and power blueprints for your new or next assignments within purpose, it is important to ask these five questions:

  1. What processes are required to engage the work?
  2. Who are my co-builders and collaborators? Where are they and how can I find them?
  3. What is my collaborator avatar? Who do my collaborators look like? What should be their skills, expertise, level of intelligence, spiritual stance or portfolio? 
  4. What category of people does my assignment permit me to work with?
  5. What parameters guide the process of my purpose for this season? 

What we are going to be building in this new season would be beyond us. We’ll need more people and systems to help us design and deliver the product expected of us. Being a pioneer would no longer mean stifling your possibilities. It would rather mean having an opportunity to see what needs to be done and deploying the wisdom to get it done through trusted hands.

This process of work in the new evolution is to deliver us into a sustainable economy. To bring us into a place of multiplied impact and high-end income flow. 

The possibilities you choose to see are powerful and enough to sustain you. This is how you move beyond being fruitful and multiplying. It is time to subdue, replenish and take dominion.


I found during the pandemic that many people’s assignments were upgraded but they chose to live within the palace of comfort and convenience. I saw people whose processes and products were given wings but they didn’t walk in it because there was a narrative of doing what you’ve known to do. For us at The Corporate Church, we began to see clients who recognised new and updated mandates. Some did not know how to leave what they had known and required us to walk them through it while others took time for themselves to press in for more of what they believed was next for them and they began to work it out.

I find Mark rather courageous. ‘Cause how do you rename a grown child without thinking if the change will be received, especially as a global brand. This is however what we struggle with as Kingdom representatives. See, in the Kingdomverse, it’s always about the future, what God sees, and what He is calling you into. Therefore, we cannot be stuck on who we knew we were without giving thought to who we can ultimately become and in becoming, sometimes, a name change is required – even if it’s been your brand for 20 years.

It happened to Abram. After years of walking with the Lord and becoming God’s friend, His name was changed to Abraham – because there was a future for His children. They were going to be as many as the stars in the sky. Same with Sarai who became Sarah, and Saul who became Paul. 

Facebook changing to Metaverse, while a great move, is actually a Kingdom move – to be able to see beyond where you are now and STEP INTO WHO YOU ARE CONSTANTLY BEING MADE INTO. There is power in not just knowing who men say you are, but in who God says you are per time and season. For Facebook (Sorry, Metaverse) here’s the official transition statement, “I’m proud of what we’ve built so far, and I’m excited about what comes next — as we move beyond what’s possible today, beyond the constraints of screens, beyond the limits of distance and physics, and towards a future where everyone can be present with each other, create new opportunities and experience new things.”

As an organization constantly helping Kingdom leaders work the gospel via digital media and technology, I believe that technology is a major way to realise the possibilities available if we can embrace who we are through the eyes of the future, deploy imagination and collaborate to birth destiny. 

There are neither limitations nor excuses acceptable in the world of technology. It’s about how far you can see. 


In 2022, we are determined to work with more faith-based ventures – Churches, Non-Profits and Businesses to embrace their next level in purpose. If you have an assignment you are willing to fully embrace and you’ll require us to work directly with you or to train your team, please feel free to send us an email to corporatechurchconference@gmail.com or fill this form

We have worked with various ministers across nations, created courses, published books, launched masterclasses and webinars. Our commitment is to help you deliver destiny.

This is the collaboration you need!

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