Have you ever struggled with pricing your products as a believer/minister. You might have even googled “how to price my product?” or gotten messages asking you why you are putting a price on “the gospel”. There is a lot of controversy and confusion around what the right thing to do is. Some people will say, if you make it cheap, you won’t attract the right people OR if you make it premium, no one will buy.

We have found those who price N5,000 because they want “many people” to join and when we scale them you’ll hear “who will pay?” But that’s not even where we are going today because majority of pricing challenges is first an identity and validation issue.

Here are some fundamental pillars we walk clients through when it comes to pricing. 3 things you need to consider when it comes to pricing your products:

– You are not the price you put on a book, course, class, webinar, merch or conference – Your value as an individual is not attached to the price of your product. That means whatever you choose to peg as a price DOES NOT in anyway interprete your identity in God.

– If you were to put a price on your revelatory encounters, no one will be able to pay you. It is costly – Nobody can really pay for your experience and revelatory encounters – which you have now processed into a book/course/webinar/class. Your assignment when processing an experience into a resource to make sure YOU ARE ADDING VALUE.

– Re-orientate yourself on value-added experiences because as a believer in business/ministry, what you do is SERVICE – When you decide to create opt-in products, free classes, remember free does not mean inexpensive. You can create affordable resources and the experience will be premium, purposeful and profitable for those who engage it.

Here’s the deal: purpose is profitable. Giving God glory with your assignments is rewarding.We have a whole module on PRODUCT PACKAGING AND PRICING in our Launch & Grow Your Ministry Online Course. Visit our INFLUENCE LAB to get it.

In everything you do, remember that as a CREATOR, you have a reputation to do exceedingly and abundantly. Don’t fall for the trap of small-mindedness or greed.