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Bankrupt On Purpose

When God is calling you to step up higher in your walk and calling with Him, He’ll require you to quit the thing that could become your back up when you begin to feel like the new thing is not working.

We are on a journey of faith. Being a creative or creator is a faith walk and you can’t rely or focus on what could be while forfeiting what is The Future.

1. Stop playing it safe with God’s calling on your life.

2. Own your message and stop trying to compose content for earthly validations

3. Step out of what makes you earthly convenient but eternally irrelevant.

4. If what you do is not ministry, then you’re still within the back up arena. God has not called you to back up. Your life is not even a back up plan. Stop settling.

Your work is ministry. Your ministry is work.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to keep depositing in your bank of purpose so you don’t go bankrupt.

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