4 ways to prepare for a digital church in the new year

Happy New Year!

We already know that 2020 brought with it an acceleration in how the Church could serve its people through trying situations and even for wider reach. It is imperative that going forward, any Church that would set its goals should do so putting the digital space as one of its priorities. To make it a little easier, I thought to put a few things together that can help you consciously build a healthy Church in this decade:

1. Focus on people not just coming to Church, but BECOMING the Church: Before now, a lot of us have focused more on how we can get more people coming into our sanctuaries and so the records show more numerical growth than spiritual growth. I believe strongly that one of the gaps revealed during the pandemic for the Church and we should pay attention to is the need to GROW PEOPLE. Beyond filling seats, it is important to begin to map out strategies on HOW to equip and empower as well as place growth tracking measures to ensure these strategies are working. Growing people automatically grow places.

2. Revisit the purpose of the Church and draw goals/strategies from there for your audience: the other thing this year exposed within the body is the ‘activity’ nature of the church. How we initially just post online without truly aligning it with the purpose of the church. A healthy digital church would require a connected-to-purpose operation. Repurpose your physical church content for your online audience. It may take more time, but it is as important as your physical church.

3. Have an online budget: now we have to talk about money. Any organization that sets goals, definitely has to have a working budget. So, for your digital church, have a budget – both for daily activities and for social marketing. The same way you put up ADs for your church and set aside some funds for that, set aside marketing funds for your church atleast on a monthly basis. It doesn’t have to be exorbitant – reasonable is great.

4. Train your online staff. Be deliberate about their growth because they are the image consultants of your church/personal brand. Make sure they are constantly reminded of the value they are and the importance of the work they do. Invest in them!