3 Effective Strategies to Grow Your Business As A Christian

As another quarter comes to an end I was wondering if your growth goals as a ministry/business are looking great.

One time, I heard the story of a woman who needed a growth breakthrough in her business so she started to pray…and pray… and pray. This is a true life story by the way.

She prayed so much but did not realise that the answer to her prayers was right around her. I speak more about it in the video below.

After you have prayed for God to grow your business or ministry, get you unstuck from a cycle or increase your finances, you must take the next most important step – which is to connect to the prototype of your answered prayer. This means, for you to receive the visible answers to your prayers, you need to:

  • Look up or look out for those who have been blessed with the wisdom for the solution you are seeking.
  • Connect with them. Send them a message. Check their services and reach out to them.
  • Trust God to honour your obedience and grant you favour.

For example, if you need a strategy or structure for growth, this is what I do. This is what Corporate Church lives to deliver to you. This means your prayer has been answered but you have to either send us a message, book a session or simply get any of the courses that deliver the answer you are seeking.

You are never alone.

God is not silent on you. 

We must stop giving excuses for why we are not growing because everything you need is right in front of you.

To Adam, He said, I have given you everything in this garden to eat as food.

The answers are yours to LAMBANO.

It is time to make a move, take a step. 

You have everything you need.

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Take the step NOW.