Please read each description before proceeding to book or complete your application. I look forward to working with you this year and really helping you get the clarity and growth you need

Whether as a Pastor, Ministry Leader, Non-Profit Manager or Christian Business Executive, we can help you acheive maximum result through establishing a purposeful presence, increasing your productivity quotient or maximising profit through your unique influence.


One-off Online Ministry COACHING

This is a 90-minute session where you get the opportunity to ask me anything and get strategies regarding the specific needs for your ministry online. Whether this is on getting a digital strategy, delivery model, ministry marketing, product creation, Launch strategy, Clarity on ideas etc I will provide you with time-tested solutions in a relaxed conversation. Whatever your questions are, I'll answer you with tangible steps and a quick plan of action! In short: this is your chance to brainstorm with me and get your burning questions answered ASAP!

Investment: $300 | N150,000 / 90 mins [5 slots available monthly]



Have you ever felt like you are to be doing more than you are doing right now? Or that what you are doing right now could be better? Exactly! However, many times, you don't want to do more because you are not getting the desired result from what you are doing. Or maybe it's simply because you are tired...exhausted in your mind.

The reality is this, even though you might be feeling exhausted, the work is still yours for the doing. Besides, God did not call us to work that exhausts us. So what you really and truly need is to re-priortize what you do. Basically, to do meaningful work as one of our clients labelled it after our Accelerator Program.

Productivity in ministry is not about how long you have been in ministry. It is about how much fruits you now bear for being in ministry. Productivity is a mark of fruitfuness. I can help you identify the gaps in your current structure and system as well as profer the precise solution that requires the most attention. This is your invitation to not just do more work, but to do the kind of work that multiplies your influence and impact.

This is the structural call that helps you derive joy from what you do, no matter the volume of what you do.

This is a 5-hours strategy session that will map out a customized, detailed, and profitable strategy that will get you the results you seek for your ministry if implemented to the later.

Investment: $1,300 | N650,000/ 5 hours [4 slots available monthly]



We always say that branding for us is not at all about your name, colours or logo. It is the ability to shape the perception of your audience by accurately interpreting and communicating the vision God gave you about the work you were given.

You have a thriving ministry already, however you know it could be more, several things are just not right but you cannot place your hands on them. You want a professional and discerning eye to help you identify the loops and create a blueprint that will take you to the next level.

This is your chance to move the ministry online to a more productive level using frameworks of high-tier partnerships and profitability.

Investment : Price starts from $3,500 | N1,750,000 [Only 10 clients yearly]

What people are saying

As a minister of the gospel, it is very easy to think or assume that all that we need is God’s grace and anointing but in this time and age, we actually need skills. I’m super grateful to God that I enrolled for the Launch and Grow your Ministry online course. Doing this course opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities and helped me change my mindset on so many things. I actually have been doing ministry casually but with this course, I have become more intentional about discipleship and staying on course with God’s call upon my life. Thank you so much ma for taking time to prepare this course. You actually poured yourself into it. In fact, God has his signature on it. I still hear your voice in my head from time to time when I plan to take decisions regarding my work. It’s funny but permit me to say that there’s a fire that burns in my heart each time we have conversations about Jesus and His work. Indeed, may the ends of the Earth hear our voice, our voices must be amplified in these last days. Thank you for saying this in creative ways over and over again. God bless you
Coach Jossy
Founder, Love Life with Jossy
I hesitated before signing up for the course. In fact I had been following a few people on Instagram who helps with launching online courses etc. But I was drawn to Adesewa’s course in particular for a number of reasons the most important being the focus on ministry. I decided to take the course...what’s the worse that could happen, right? It’s one of my best decisions so far this year. Adesewa is called to do this. The course delivers..she really does help you launch your online ministry. And the best part, the relationship doesn’t end when the course ends. She’s so tuned in to what the spirit of God wants to do in your life following the course and she supports and cheers you on. She’s a ministry helper!
Abi Odubayo
Founder rightliving with abi
The LGMO Course is a must-do for every minister of the gospel who is called to minister to nations and who is ready to partner with the Father for His Kingdom’s advancement because it is a destiny-aligning process for the journey as you take on the assignment. In taking this course, you are sure to receive clarity, gain grounds and multiply your influence and reach as a result of the clear pathways and strategies which are released by heaven and downloaded by the Coach and you. The Ministry of the Holy Spirit engaged by Coach Adesewa is by far the most valuable and distinct part of the deal you can and will get from taking this course. You can be sure that flesh will be given no room and you receive help to maximize every gifting in you, causing you to birth the dreams Father GOD put in you, meaning, you also get loads of encouraging but hard pushes. I absolutely have no regrets in taking this course. In fact, I wish I had taken this years ago but I am grateful for the opportunity of this appointed time and season to take this on. I highly recommend the LGMO course to every minister of the gospel, irrespective of where your niche is, print, music, pulpit, etc. Finally, my last words to you dear minister, stop overthinking this! It’s time to learn best practices for the forward movement of your ministry! Take the LGMO Course! Make the Father proud!
Visionary, Mothers United In Prayer and Praise