No one will share your message if you don't learn how to take charge and share it .

Marketing your message is one thing you must do in order to get the kind of digital dominion God has promised you.

The mandate of the great commission is a mandate of dominion but it first requires you to GO.

How Do You Go?

In this Ministry Marketing challenge,
I want to help you to GO so that you can GROW.

The mandate is the same but in this digital era, the method has been enhanced.

Clarify your messaging for a digital audience

Learn email marketing

Reach and connect with your unique audience

Save more time get more productive

Learn the most effective platform for your message

Identify the uniqueness of your audience so they can recognise you

Set up your ministry SEO even if you don't have a website

Create digital products to build an online community

Increase your influence, impact and income

My name is Adesewa Greg-Ighodaro. I am the founder of Corporate Church, a media and communication service for faith-based organisations and ventures.

In my work with Christian individuals and organisations in the last two years, I have helped them not just structure their message for influence online, but also provided for them ways they could profit from what God has called them to do. Even those who did not think it was possible.

In this ministry marketing challenge, you will learn how to create a digital footprint so you can reach and grow a global audience. As part of this challenge, I want to work with those who believe they are within their call but are not sure how the sustainance will happen. God wants you to flourish. He wants your finances to be healed and the secret is in how you deploy your calling.

This is not the time to give up on your calling. This is the time to pay attention to it because it will be the channel by which God will bless you - and financially too.

So, welcome to this 15 days Ministry Marketing challenge.

You Need To Join The Challenge if:

When you don't share your message with the world as much as you should, these 5 things will be happening:

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The challenge starts March 1, 2023.

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Go for Growth

Join the Challenge for just

N5,500 | $12 | £ 10

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