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2024 Influence Planning Workshop

Register to join our 2024 Influence Planning Workshop.

This year, we'll be sharing the

- Prophetic Insights as given for the year 2024 concerning digital communication.

- One most important thing you must focus on as a ministry that wants to thrive in an evolving space.

- The digital tools you should make your primary place of distribution

- BIG fact about where your audiences are going to next and how you should refocus them through a unique strategy

and much more.

If you are a minister or ministry that wants to be able to measure productivity in 2024, don't miss this workshop.

The workshop is FREE for our Partners and the replay will be available for them on their partner course page, where they have access to even more courses monthly.

You can also pay a one-time access fee to the the workshop if you are not interested in becoming a partner. If you take this one-time offer, please note that you will access to the replay of the workshop.