with Simplicity & Sustainable Structure

That’s how you’ll impact more people within the shortest possible time and have proofs of productivity

All Things Are Possible For You

with committment and consistency. But when you do this alone for a long time

the fun and fulfillment will begin to grow into frustration


The cry to do more and be more won’t stop knocking at your heart but you can’t keep trying to navigate the path on your own because it is becoming stretching.



You desire to launch the higher version of yourself but your comfort zone always keeps you stuck for lack of accountability.



Testimonies are great but it won’t be a bad idea to learn how you can monetize purpose and become a leading influential voice in the field where God has called you.

When you insist on doing things on your own and remaining your ministry’s primary growth engine, 3 things are at risk:

Your Mind

Your mind is at risk to hold together at once everything going on with the ministry and it becomes difficult to see how else you can grow. There is a strong pull to be there for everyone who requests your attention but if not carefully handled, it can lead to your own fall into loneliness, fear  and depression. It happened to Jonah. 



Your Multiplication

There is a mandate to multiply given to every human created on the earth. You tend to default on this because you are unable to release your seed and potentials to the extent to which you should because you are stretching yourself too thin. Those who you’ve been sent to will not be able to benefit from the gift of access and impartation.



Your Money

You will find it hard to monetize purpose because first your mind has not found a way to expand on the possibilities of the multiple rivers that flow from your fountain. Hence, frustration and the thoughts of doing the Father’s work from a place of hustling will set in but  YOU WERE NOT CALLED INTO MINISTRY TO HUSTLE.





It’s time to structure your ministry to grow beyond you, and into what it has been destined to be.

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Adesewa Greg-Ighodaro

MAP is a coaching experience for people of FAITH who want to clarify their calling, come home to their audience and make their message heard without having to figure it out on their own.



The Ministry Accelerator Program (MAP) is a high-touch, high-accountability coaching program that is designed to make your ministry grow through simplicity of delivery, audience niche positioning, as well as for sustainability, no matter what challenges you’re facing as a visionary.



With this coaching experience, you’ll have access to our Launch and Grow Your Ministry Online (LGMO) Course and receive the support, accountability, and guidance you need to attract those you are sent to, disciple them and release them for greater things by applying unique media structure and visibility strategies in your context.

stop overthinking this! It's time to learn best practices for the forward movement of your ministry!

Visionary, Mothers United In Prayer and Praise

The LGMO Course is a must-do for every minister of the gospel who is called to minister to nations and who is ready to partner with the Father for His Kingdom’s advancement because it is a destiny-aligning process for the journey as you take on the assignment. In taking this course, you are sure to receive clarity, gain grounds and multiply your influence and reach as a result of the clear pathways and strategies which are released by heaven and downloaded by the Coach and you.


The Ministry of the Holy Spirit engaged by Coach Adesewa is by far the most valuable and distinct part of the deal you can and will get from taking this course. You can be  sure that flesh will be given no room and you receive help to maximize every gifting in you, causing you to birth the dreams Father GOD put in you, meaning, you also get loads of encouraging but hard pushes. I absolutely have no regrets in taking this course. In fact, I wish I had taken this years ago but I am grateful for the opportunity of this appointed time and season to take this on.


I highly recommend the LGMO course to every minister of the gospel, irrespective of where your niche is, print, music, pulpit, etc. 


Finally, my last words to you dear minister, stop overthinking this! It’s time to learn best practices for the forward movement of your ministry! Take the LGMO Course! Make the Father proud!

I hesitated before signing up for the course. Infact I have been following a few people on Instagram who help with launching online courses etc. But I was drawn to Adesewa’s course in particular for a number of reasons the most important being the focus on ministry. I decided to take the course…what’s the worst that could happen, right? It’s one of my best decisions so far this year. Adesewa is called to do this. The course delivers..she really does help you launch your online ministry. And the best part, the relationship doesn’t end when the course ends. She’s so tuned in to what the spirit of God wants to do in your life following the course and she supports and cheers you on. She’s a ministry helper!

Abi Odubayo
Faith, Food & Fitness Coach

As a minister of the gospel, it is very easy to think or assume that all that we need is God’s grace and anointing but in this time and age, we actually need skills. I’m super grateful to God that I enrolled for the Launch and Grow your Ministry online course. Doing this course opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities and helped me change my mindset on so many things. I actually have been doing ministry casually but with this course, I have become more intentional about discipleship and staying on course with God’s call upon my life. Thank you so much ma for taking time to prepare this course. You actually poured yourself into it. In fact, God has his signature on it. I still hear your voice in my head from time to time when I plan to take decisions regarding my work. It’s funny but permit me to say that there’s a fire that burns in my heart each time we have conversations about Jesus and His work. Indeed, may the ends of the Earth hear our voice, our voices must be amplified in these last days. Thank you for saying this in creative ways over and over again. God bless you

Coach Jossy
Founder, Love Life with Jossy

I knew God had given me an assignment but I didn’t know where to start or even how to go about it? The Launch and grow your ministry online course helped me identity and connect with my message. Each module brought clarity and came packed with strategies. By the end of the course, I understood why I needed to launch my ministry, what to do, and how to go about it. I also learnt that online ministry is not just about the numbers following you but raising disciples. The course was packed, loaded and such a blessing. I really thank God for you ma Adesewa.

Natasha Chirwa
Founder, Dzuka Arise (Ireland)

I greatly rejoice in my heart that the father connected me with you. The flood of light I enjoyed from the Launch and Grow your ministry online course is PRICELESS! I have indeed spent and still spend the month of July to seek God’s face some more and I have seen a lot more of what you taught us expanded by the Holy Ghost. Thank you Adesewa, may you be marvelously helped of the Lord. It pays to partner with God. I thought I did before, I didn’t know I was scrapping the surface then.

IbukunOluwa Akinbamijo (Mind Coach and Therapist)
Visionary, The Waiting Brides Network Int’l


You know there is more to your life and purpose and you are ready to find out what it is as well as fully walk in it

You are an entrepreneur or you run a non-profit organization and now want to engage your business from a ministry point of view to enable you reach more people and impact more lives so you can live a more fulfilling life

You have been in ministry but feel a strong desire to be more because you know there are more people that need to hear you

You are ready to birth the books, courses and programs that are connected to you and your ministry and earn from it while transforming lives

You want to structure your activities so that you can have more time for the things that matter to you like love and family without losing out on transforming lives and destinies

You want to learn how to clarify your calling and connect with your audience and you know you need a hands-on coach to hold you through it

Let’s Help You Skill Up, So You Can Scale Up.

For the past 15 months, Adesewa Greg-Ighodaro has been helping believers, stay-at-home mums, kingdom entreprenuers and ministers clarify their message and structure it both for offline and online audiences through her online ministry course and inner circle programs.

Through the Ministry Accelerator Coaching Program, Adesewa will provide you with proprietary tools to help you have fun and find fulfillment doing ministry as God desires.

What To Expect

Weekly Executive Mastermind

to act as a sounding board with other ministry leaders so you can bulletproof your thinking, be vulnerable, and talk about things you wouldn’t share with your team.

Weekly Q&A’s with  Adesewa

to solve your challenges as they come up.

Monthly Expert Spotlight

to bring you in conversation with the digital media experts as well as ministry leaders on how to monetize purpose and multiply your influence.

Three Quarterly Intensives

to give you a full day to assess and work on your ministry structure and procedures.

you’ll ALSO receive these bonuses as part of your membership:

Get your FREE E-book or E-devotional shared on our resource website – themaghub.com

 Monthly 90 mins 1:1 coaching sessions (only for the first 5 applicants). 

T&C Applies

An All-Access Pass to our digital content

(valued at over $600).

3 months FREE Access to our Online Minister’s Inner Circle Sessions (valued over $30)

Ready to Make

Your Voice Heard?

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